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a curated pop-up shop that brings together hearts and brands

RE-STORE @ Circuit Lane

12 amazing homegrown brands generously donated quality locally-produced items such as Heima, Stoneriver and Piopio. On our line-up of NGOs are One Million Lights PH, Save Philippine Seas, CARA Welfare, MovEd and Cropital

Of course, we couldn't have done it without our event partners Circuit Makati, Illumina Digital Printing and Brand Connect who share our knack for making out of the box ideas come alive. And with that, we feel extra pumped to have Sassy MNL, The Humble Bee Society, DiscoverMNL, and to help us spread the word about the pop-up. ♡

Rounding up the numbers

We’re so happy to share that we collected 300% of our target donations for the initiative. Through the one-day pop-up shop, we monetized 15% of the donations. We're done crunching the numbers and it’s official:

drum roll please…

We raised almost ₱ 25,000 for 5 different causes! Subtracting the expenses we incurred, we netted ₱ 12,667.25.

"Wait… expenses are 54% of sales!? That’s pretty high!

Oh, we totally agree with you! But hear us out, 45% of our expenses are one-offs, meaning it won’t be incurred again. Moving forward, expenses should normalize to around 25% of total sales. 

Now, let’s slice the pie. 


*Where were the proceeds used? Check back at our website to get updates. We'll be posting reports often. 


*Three merchants - The Boho Teepee, Paper St. and Not Secondhand waived their 50% share in the items sold thereby increasing net proceeds. 


Onto better, bigger things

After testing the waters last April, not only do we feel more empowered and inspired but we also have more clarity & focus in the direction that we want to steer this initiative towards.  Instead of just dreaming up plans in our heads, we’ve actually done concrete steps in taking it to the next level. 

Catch us at Eden & June's creative flea on June 3 and 4!

Finders Keepers at The Tent

We've got homegrown brands on board + a curated selection of local stationery and indie magazines, home goods and summer outfits -- a perfect fit in the Finders Keepers scene. We're so thrilled to join other local brands they have lined up for the fair! 

There’s so much more news to come so check back at our website through the coming weeks to stay updated!  Better yet, follow us on social media – we’re @cloverhartly on both Facebook and Instagram.


To Create Good, one does not need to look further from what one already has - what we have can easily be something others can have too.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods with the aim of sending a resounding and relevant message that urges this generation redefine how we can create good.