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RE-STORE @ Finders Keepers

Because of the overwhelming donations we received from our merchants, we were able to simply pop-up again and bring the magic of shopping that affects lives beyond oneself.   Last June 3 and 4, we rolled-over our set-up to Eden and June’s creative flea: Finders Keepers - the first of its kind. It was such a treat to be a part of a community of like-minded, free-spirited, creative individuals. 

We added Kaya Natin Movement  in our roaster of NGOS in light of the recent events in Marawi. Proceeds from Re-Store will go to their on going relief operations in Mindanao, bringing total beneficiaries to 6. ♡

Rounding up the numbers

We raised more than 10,000 during the weekend fair, and as promised, we slashed our expenses by almost 50% to ₱5,857.60.  Subtracting the expenses we incurred, we netted ₱3,982.40. 

Now, let’s slice the pie. 


*Where were the proceeds used? Check back at our website to get updates. We'll be posting reports often. 


*Miss Merie waived their 50% share in the items sold thereby increasing net proceeds. 


We're growing 

From being a one (wo)man team, we're now a team of three passionate ladies. With the additional sets of hands and compassionate hearts, we can collectively reach greater heights. 

What's more, we met amazing Filipina entrepreneurs at the fair who want to join the cause! Re-Store was also featured in Manila Bulletin, Young Star and

We're cooking up a storm, which means there are tons of surprises coming your way! There’s so much more news to come so check back at our website through the coming months to stay updated!  Better yet, follow us on social media – we’re @cloverhartly on both Facebook and Instagram


To Create Good, one does not need to look further from what one already has - what we have can easily be something others can have too.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods with the aim of sending a resounding and relevant message that urges this generation redefine how we can create good.