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RE-STORE @The Good Trade

Along with over 100 brands and NGOs, Create Good joined The Good Trade at Central Square to enable consumers to make zero-waste and sustainable decisions without fuss! Through Re-Store we raised funds and through Street Store collected used clothes for the pop-up at Malate Fire Station.

There was a whole lot of magic packed in that weekend. From the stories of each brand to the enthusiasm of the shoppers, the fair didn't fall short of awesome. 🙏

Rounding up the numbers

In just 2 days, we raised more than P12,000. 100% of the proceeds will support Create Good's initiatives: Street Store, Re-Store and Refresh.

*Check our website to know where the proceeds were used.

Now, let’s slice the pie.

Catch us at the next Good Trade

Our initiatives are in line with The Good Trade's goals of giving back and closing the loop. They have committed to support us to help us grow our reach and impact. At the next fair, we'll have donation stations for The Street Store & Refresh as well as a booth for Re-Store. How exciting!!


When we do more with what we have, we create good.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods for the greater good. Whether it's through Street Store, Re-Store or Refresh, our actions are aimed at challenging the norms of giving back and forming a deeper connection with the community.

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